As the dominant human habitat, cities are the epicenter of global warming, air pollution, and neoliberal ecosystem thinking. However, urban ecological constellations are more than toxic infrastructures and techno-natures shaped by humans.

Taking the city of Zurich as an example and drawing on the shared experiences in the Upper Valais, we will continue to encounter other-than-human timescales and socio-natural subjectivities.

In September 2022, a transdisciplinary group of researchers will engage with eccentric biotopes, urban agrofutures, planning politics, endangered common lands, and migrant stories. The program will include guided tours, walking seminars, and an evening salon. 

Project lead
& program curation

Flurina Gradin︎︎︎
Federico Luisetti︎︎︎
Rony Emmenegger︎︎︎

Participants 2022
Nitin Bathla︎︎︎
Joost de Bloois︎︎︎
Anna Elsner︎︎︎
Dario Gentili︎︎︎
Sophie Gosselin︎︎︎
Emiliano Guaraldo︎︎︎
Christoph Kueffer︎︎︎
Christoph Miler︎︎︎
Sophia Prinz︎︎︎
Antje Scharenberg︎︎︎
Isabel Seiffert︎︎︎
Katinka Versendaal︎︎︎


Essential references 


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