September 22th to 25th 2022
Hybrid Ecologies and Biodiversity Politics
in the Urban Space


Thursday night, September 22

Kick-off and Walk
Sensing Biotopes: The Zurich Main Station

Group Dinner & Evening Salon

Friday, September 23

Guided Tour
Agroscope Reckenholz

Guided Tour
Meh als Gmües / Technikum urbane Agrarökologie

Walking Seminar
Zurich Oerlikon: Hybrid Ecologies

Group Dinner & Evening Salon

Saturday, September 24

Guided Vision Walk
Planning Politics at the Lakeshore

Guided Tour
Endangered Common Lands: Tägernauerholz

Group Dinner and Evening Salon

Sunday morning, September 25

Guided Tour Platzspitz
Cohabitation and Zoonosis

Walking Seminar
Migration Stories: Zürich West and the Stadionbrache

Lunch and Closing

Project lead
& program curation
Flurina Gradin ︎︎︎
Federico Luisetti ︎︎︎

Project core group 2022
Rony Emmenegger︎︎︎
Nitin Bathla︎︎︎

Participants 2022
Sophie Gosselin ︎︎︎
Christoph Kueffer︎︎︎
Marit Mihklepp ︎︎︎
Christoph Miler︎︎︎
Isabel Seiffert ︎︎︎


The most essential references  of the Unruly Natures project


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