As the dominant human habitat, cities are the epicenter of global warming, air pollution, and neoliberal ecosystem thinking. However, urban ecological constellations are more than toxic infrastructures and techno-natures shaped by humans.

Taking the city of Zurich as an example and drawing on the shared experiences in the Upper Valais, we continued to encounter other-than-human timescales and socio-natural subjectivities.

In September 2022, a transdisciplinary group of researchers engaged with eccentric biotopes, urban agrofutures, planning politics, endangered common lands, and migrant stories. The program included guided tours, walking seminars, and an evening salon. A collaborative documentation of our experiences will be shared soon. Stay in touch

Project lead
& program curation

Flurina Gradin︎︎︎
Federico Luisetti︎︎︎
Rony Emmenegger︎︎︎

Participants 2022
Nitin Bathla︎︎︎
Joost de Bloois︎︎︎
Anna Elsner︎︎︎
Dario Gentili︎︎︎
Sophie Gosselin︎︎︎
Emiliano Guaraldo︎︎︎
Christoph Kueffer︎︎︎
Christoph Miler︎︎︎
Sophia Prinz︎︎︎
Antje Scharenberg︎︎︎
Isabel Seiffert︎︎︎
Katinka Versendaal︎︎︎


Essential references 


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